Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Tennis reflection

L.I.To add detail to my ideas by using specific vocabulary and to give examples.

Today I was at tennis, I was in the  shot by 1*Henry the best shooter ever… It was my turn to go up to the firing line. With in a split second the ball was firing toward me like a bullet . My eyes were drawn to the ball… “good job you caught the ball” said the coach in a faint voice like a ghost whispering in my . I had caught the ball I danced and pranced with glee .

I was not the one getting to get shot in the face . After that I played with lau and Viane as well as beni I was thrilled that we bet the record at our school  which was 11 and we made the phenomenal record of 31 in a rally.

Near to the end The boys “cough cough better than the girls cough cough” went to the ball shooter again and i was really cocky and I thought I was the man ...But then I was hit by the balls  like a hammer hits nails.

1*Henry is a blood thirsty tennis machine that shoot balls at 35 to 60 miles per hour.

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