Thursday, July 13, 2017

The curious Kiwi

What kind of animal are they?
The brown kiwi is a native bird of aotearoa New Zealand, The only kiwi in the wild in the north island.
They have spread across the native shrub and across the forest of the north island living on there surroundings
What do they eat? The brown kiwi normally eats small invertebrates (earthworms and larvae of beetles, cicadas and moths; they also eat centipedes, spiders, crickets and weta) as well as fruits and leaves that eventually fall of trees
Where do they normally live?
Where a kiwi lives.


  1. Hi Ewan,
    Lusia here, Great to see you participating in the winter learning Journey! By the way, please put the activity number and what day you are unto (Just to let us *commentators* know)! But anyways you put a lot of effort in your work and you should be proud! I know you are still new at this and even blogging but do mind emailing me if anything you are struggling with is putting you at risk. I would be on everyday to check on everyone's progress, ok, Keep it up Ewan!

    Lusia Pahulu

  2. Hi Ewan

    I agree with Luisa, please remember to introduce the day and activity number you are going to complete so that we can allocate points to your completed tasks. You have made a great start to researching information about the Kiwi birds. Was there any interesting facts you found fascinating? Luisa has offered to help with any content of work you are struggling with which is very nice but I would love to read more about what you think. You have plenty time to complete the tasks Ewan.

    Keep up the great work!



  3. Hi Ewan,

    Isn't it interesting that a bird, like the Kiwi, can be flightless? It doesn't make sense, in a way, and yet that's the how this particular bird has evolved. It must not have many predators or it wouldn't survive on the ground, would it? Amazing.

    Thank you for doing this research and for sharing it through the blogging program. I'm very impressed that you've chosen to be involved in this on your school break! And I'm enjoying reading your blogs. I live in Canada so it's lovely to learn more about your country!